President of the University

Welcome all in this decade of developing the university, by God will, professors, academic instructors, parents of students and craving students.

The University of Science and Technology (UST) was born after hard work and great efforts to achieve the possible and impossible, in fields of Medical Sciences, Engineering, Management, Computer Sciences and Information Technologies. That was achieved in order to create a cultural and civilized spotlight that attracts prominent scientific and academic qualified personnel from inside and outside the country. The university opens for 18 thousand students in various fields who came from all parts outside and inside the country without discrimination of color, race or religious affiliations contained under its philosophy of rejecting racialism, tribalism or fanaticism.

The University of Science and Technology grew to be in line and rank with model universities in Sudan and the Arabic region according to the scientific circles in high education.Moreover, the university as being

central to the society with its academic and service medical and engineering institutions provided tools and facilities like laboratories, educational hospitals like Dentistry Charity Hospital, Takana/Buluk Educational Hospital, Takana/Alnaw Hospital and Royal Care Hospital. The daily numbers of daily visitors exceed  two thousand people.

The University of Science and Technology makes great efforts to build external relations with Arabic and international universities, the UNISCO and UNICEF to in order enhance academic cooperation and exchange programs. As a result it has been granted the full and permanent memberships of Universities of the Sudanese, Arabic, African and International Unions.

The great care of promoting post graduate studies and scientific research, represents a primary target for many reasons, it comes forward from its importance in building the society and human welfare in addition to being an initial objective of the university. The prominence and excellence of the university’ graduates in other universities post graduate faculties, is well observed.

The Faculty of Post Graduate and academic promotions have great role and function in the crystallization of academic activities and making a fact and post of this university after launching Master (Msc) and Doctoral (Phd) programs in numerous faculties of the university (UST).

The administrative campus of the university is divided into three parts: The first part is the Engineering and Technology compound that includes Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Computer Sciences and Information Technology, Faculty of Post Graduate Studies and Sciences Research. That is in addition to other establishments as the Computer Center, the Central Library, the International Conference Hall, Deanship of Students Affairs, Administration of Student Admittance Administration of Fees.

The second part is located in Northern Omdurman which is the Medical Science Compound which includes, Faculties of Medicine, Medical Laboratories, Faculty of Dentistry, the Medical Sciences Library, Sports City, Medical Museum, the High Administration Building of the University. The third part is the Management, Technical Studies and Social Development Compound.

With the presented facts, the duty of the student should be centered and focused on academic achievements, scientific research, creativeness and improvisation. Those represent courses from the main source which is the University of Science and Technology (UST). The duty of university administration is enroot the Comprehensive Strategic Goals of the coming five years and dedicate its efforts to achieve excellence and prominence.