UST Languages Center

The kick start of the Languages Centre was in 2022 and in recognition of the central role played by the University of Science & Technology in spreading knowledge from different cultures and languages, the university has established the Languages Centre and that according to the president vision. The centre works in close cooperation with the various departments, faculties, centres, deanships and all the administrative sectors in and out the university, while it works to encourage students to develop their English language skills and other languages that may help them to support their academic and professional life. The Centre offers a variety of English and academic courses and in addition to a wide range of elective courses. These courses will meet the needs of the students in different disciplines and faculties, as well as other courses that serve the university and community at the same time. Eventually, the centre has been established to provide high-quality teaching programs and courses for teaching the world’s major languages. This aims to enable the students to raise their language proficiency levels and widen their academic and professional horizons.