Department of Scientific Research and Cultural Relations:

One of the functions of higher education as stated in the Universal Declaration of Higher Education in the twenty-first century “Vision and work” held by UNESCO at its headquarters in Paris in 1998 with the participation of the majority of Member States including Sudan, as follows:

Developing, updating and dissemination of knowledge through research and reading as part of its mission to serve the community to provide appropriate expertise to assist societies in the process of cultural, social and economic development and also to encourage and develop scientific and technological research and research in the fields of social sciences and creative art.

The Department of Scientific Research was established in 2008 to work under the Office of the Vice President for Scientific Research and Cultural Relations.

The article 19 (1) of the University Act stated that the President must have a Vice President for the Research and Cultural Relations appointed by the Board of Trustees with consultation with the President must be responsible to the President for the general performance in the scientific research and cultural relations. The work in the Department of Scientific Research in coordination with the various faculties in relation to research procedures in various disciplines taught in the faculties in addition to the researches of graduate students and advanced classes for university students and graduation projects for undergraduates.The Department of Scientific Research contributes in the activities of the “Scientific Technology Forum”, which presents scientific seminars and lectures on scientific treatments of issues related to economic and social development in the country. The forum is sponsored by scientists, experts, university professors, students, decision-makers, media and interested citizens.