The postgraduate studies started in March 2008 with the postgraduate diploma and

master degree in business administration; computer science and information systems.

The university has provided an ideal environment on the levels of human resources

and infrastructure. In this respect a good number of highly qualified specialized

teaching staff has been appointed in all faculties. A separate building is

allocated to the postgraduate college comprising lecture halls, seminar halls

equipped with modern educational aids, computer laboratories linked with the internet

and the local network. A traditional library was provided besides the digital

library. English, as the means of instruction in postgraduate studies, distinguishes

the university from other universities.


– Utilize the current available facilities of the university to provide the most

suitable postgraduate studies which are beneficial for developing and

consolidating both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

– Qualify postgraduates at the higher diploma, master, and doctorate degree

levels to join the teaching staff, conduct scientific research and promote

professional growth.

– Participate in the promotion of economic and social development of the


– Link research and study with the problems of the Sudanese community.

– Keep pace with the continuous international scientific progress.

– Develop the teaching staff at the university with the objective of

Providing the adequate number of the teaching staff who are highly

qualified, enjoying integrated specialization and great competence.

– Develop skills and capabilities by utilizing modern technologies and

systems in the various fields of teaching, academic administration,

information storage, libraries and references.

– Promote the academic performance at the university with the objective of

consolidating its role in higher education in the country.