Dear students! Honorable guardians! Dear brotherly, respectable scholars! Respectable lecturers!

Assalamu alaikum warehmatu Allah

I welcome you in the best possible way in your most prestigious University that embraces you in the same way a mother kindly embraces its children.

While you enjoy its leafy shadows, the scent of its flowers & its kind roses, I convey to you the warmest greetings from the family of the University!

The stage of joining the University is important & different from all other stages of life because it demands much effort & taking greater responsibility. It no doubt represents a quantum leap in life & all people have to invest in all that the University may offer in terms of science & knowledge. They have to make the best use of time in educational attainment & participating in curriculum or non-curriculum activities. The University of Science & Technology has become a high scientific edifice & a factory for making good examples & leaders, men & women, through an advanced university curriculum that accommodates the spirit of the era & matches the procession of scientific & technological advancement in addition to contributing to the graduation of qualified, efficient cadres capable of keeping up with the pace of development to contribute effectively in the country’s march towards development, abundance & prosperity.

Thanks be to Allah! Because of the effort & care of the University Administration & employees at their different categories & classes, the University has grown up & reached a great stage. According to the classification of scientific circles of higher education, the University is now at the same class as the ideal universities in Sudan & Arabian region, not to mention the fact that it is a university for the society as a whole with academic & service centers & colleges of different specialties equipped with all such auxiliaries as laboratories, machinery & high class efficiencies. The University exerts appreciated efforts to create foreign relations with Arabian & other foreign universities as well as international organizations. Such efforts have awarded the University full membership of the Unions of Sudanese, Arabian, African & international universities, respectively.

The University Administration has allocated much interest to higher studies, making them as a goal & priority for many considerations headed by the importance of scientific research as one of the University’s important goals. The Higher Studies & Academic Advancement College has its prominent role in crystallizing the academic activity & making it a distinguished landmark.

By putting forth this complete guide that recites the march of the University, its abilities & advancement, the Administration of the University is making it a leader & guide for the student, to start with, through to parents & ending with all people. The University is now the ownership of all people. It is a common right for all Sudanese citizens to see the effort that has been exerted for his/her sake & for this precious homeland in the course of development, abundance & peace, coupled with modern, advanced science, all marked with keeping up with the whole world.

With my best wishes of a wonderful life & a bright future for all, God willing!

Dr. Mutaz Mohamed Ahmed Elburryir

President of the University