The Dentistry College of the University of Science & Technology (UST) is considered as one of the leading Colleges in the field of dentistry in Sudan. It is also considered as the most distinguished between its counterparts. To elevate its high academic level, the College  is always seeking to present an elite of highly qualified scientists, a college furnished with high quality laboratories & an specialized university hospital that provides distinguished clinical training, which has made the graduates of the College more distinguished among their counterparts.

 Hospital’s services:

The hospital presents the College’s humanitarian message in the society, which is to promote culture & health awareness, whereas it provides treatment service & preventive service for teeth & mouth, in addition to services dedicated to raising the level of health. The college also carries out convoys of health, awareness & treatment days to the cities & different villages of Sudan. The hospital treats about 2000 of sick people. The College cooperates with the Federal Ministry of Health in training intern doctors which helps to elevate the level of dentists & alleviate the problem of training them in Sudan. The College encourages scientific research because of the important role the SR plays in developing the profession. Further, the College has always held scientific conferences & training courses supervised by a group of dentists from in & out of Sudan.

The Studying system

The Dentistry College follows the annual, modified system & grants the bachelors degree in dentistry & in oral & dental surgery following successful passing of class stages in the College & passing the final exam.

 Stages of studying in the College:

They are 5-year studies in the College (ten semesters) & the stages of studies are as follows:

  1. Preliminary stage which is one semester
  2. Medium stage which is the pre-clinical stage & it is 4 semesters.
  3. Clinical stage, which is 5 semesters.

College departments

The Dentistry College is made up of the following scientific departments:

  1. Oral & dental histopathology which includes the following specialties:
  2. Dental anatomy
  3. Dental & oral pathology
  4. Periodontal disease
  5. Oral surgery including the following specialties:
  6. Oral Medicine
  7. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  8. Dental implantology
  9. Oral Diagnosis & Diagnostic Radiology
  10. The Department of artificial substitution of teeth including the following specialties:
  11. Characteristics of dental materials
  12. Removable Dental Prosthetics
  13. Fixed Dental Prosthetics
  14. Dental Implantology fixtures
  15. Operative Dentistry
  16. Endodontics
  17. pedodontics
  18. Orthodontics
  19. Preventive Dentistry

Acceptance Terms

Students are accepted to this College according to standards & requirements specified  by the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research & any other requirements specified by the College.

Educational Dentistry Hospital of the UST

Established in September, 2002, this College started to receive patients in May 2003. The goal of establishing it has been to train the Dentistry College students & provide culturing & treatment services for the society.

The hospital includes the following clinics:

  1. Transfer
  2. Surgery
  3. Periodontal
  4. Preventive therapy
  5. Removable Prosthetics
  6. Pediatrics & orthodontics

In addition to another departments including:

  1. Management Accountancy        3. Laboratory
  2. Radiology 5. Maintenance 6. Store
  3. sterilization

There are also 58 dental units distributed among the 6 clinics

Training hours in the hospital:

  • The College has adopted a new system in training the students. Previous batches’ students used to be subjected to training in the hospital in both 5th & 4th academic years. Now the situation has changed & practical training now starts from the 2nd This system has been applied on the 11th batch students as well. Since 2006, the hospital has contributed in accommodating (75) intern doctors. Training has also included (528) students in (10) batches & each of the 11th, with (65) students, 12th, with (60) students, 13th, with (80) students & the 14th, batch with (73) students have received full training in the hospital, whereas the students of the 5th academic year receive (20) hours/week; 4th academic year students receive (12) hours/week & the students of the 3rd academic year receive about (10) hours/week.

Treatment Service

  • The Educational Dental Hospital of the UST provides great treatment services for the state of Khartoum in general & the locality of Omdurman in particular. Having reviewed the forms of sick people, we now know that the patients of transfer clinics has increased by more than (50) patients daily, where sometime ago it was not more than (20) patients & this calculation is applicable to the rest of clinics & radiology Depts.

Manpower of the hospital:

  • (12) lecturers are working permanently, (10) lecturers are part-timers. Teaching assistants are about (20) & assistant physician are (27). In the laboratory, (6) technicians work in the laboratory, (3) are the radiology technicians & (2) are maintenance engineers. As for the Administration, there is one extra administrative manager & (2) administrative assistants. One accountant is there for financial collection.

Foreign scholarships:

  • The University has provided scholarships for a number of teaching assistants to gain the Ph.D. During the period from 2004 – 2011, there were (5) scholarships & (16) for persons to gain masters degree in different specialties in dentistry, as follows:
  1. (11) for the University of Bergen. (6) for the U of K . 3. (2) for the University of Alexandria                   4. (2) for the University of Western Cap Town in South Africa. Since 2008, (8) scholarship students, previously sent to other universities, have started working in the College.

Treatment days & health convoys

  • To link the students with the community, the College has been accustomed to holding treatment days & health convoys in the state of Khartoum & other states to serve the citizen; the convoys & treatment days have been as follows:
  1. A health convoy to Barra City
  2. A health convoy to Kessala City
  3. A treatment day in “Hassan Abdelbassit Primary School” in Uthora (District 9)
  4. A treatment day in the elderly home of special needs people
  5. A treatment day for the people of Eila-Foon
  6. A treatment day in the area of Kereri – ElIjaija
  7. A treatment day in the area of Um-Dhwon-ban
  8. A treatment day in Feth City
  9. A treatment day in Eljezeera Slanj area
  10. A treatment day in the hospital in cooperation with “Hattain Orphans Care Organization”
  11. A treatment day in Abi Si’id, square (16)
  12. A treatment day in the area of Eljiraif Sherq

Student Research Day:

The College has been accustomed to holding an annual student research day to discuss the graduation research of the 5th academic year & this year, this day is going to be held on the 15th of June 2016

Scientific Seminars:

The Dentistry College has held a number of scientific seminars:

  1. A seminar titled Oral & Dentistry Health are the Title of General Health. The Seminar was held in cooperation with Elburair Cultural Center
  2. A seminar titled Oral & Dentistry Health in cooperation with Elmehdia Club of the 2nd
  3. A seminar titled Ways of Prevention of PeriodontalDisease and Tooth Decay, which was in cooperation with Elburair Cultural Center.

File System in the hospital:

  • To refine & improve the performance in the Educational dentistry Hospital, & following a comprehensive study, the System of (Files of the Sick) was applied on the 25th of February 2015, upon which each patient has now a special file specifying the plan of treatment & diagnosing procedures. This is considered as the core of a statistics office.

Scientific Conferences:

In cooperation with the University of Bergen, Norway, the Dentistry College of the UST has been accustomed to holding periodical conferences (every two years); 5 conferences of this sort has so far been held. The last one was held during the period from January 5 to 7 – 2012.

Foreign relations:

  • The dentistry College of the UST has established foreign relations with a number of other universities including
  1. Bergen University – Norway
  2. Western Cap University – South Africa
  3. Alexandrian University – Egypt
  4. Chang University – China
  5. GothenburgUniversity – Sweden

Higher Studies

In March 2012, the Master’s degree in clinical orthodontics was approved by the Ministry of Higher Education. Preparations were made to start the program with the first batch in October 2012. The program spans 3 years & qualifies the graduate to register as (a specialist in orthodontics) in the Medical Council!