Student Affairs Deanship

In the University of Science & Technology, this is seen as the throbbing heart of the University & the motor of cultural, sports & social activities of the students  of the University. This is because it is the genuine guardian of the students, socially, in sports & health-wise. Compared to other universities’ deanship’s, the Student Affairs Deanship (SAD) of the UST is characterized by being made up of experienced, honorable professors of specialty; within the Deanship, you’ll find professors specialized in psychology, sociology, music & sports, all in the course of preparing the University student, developing & employing his/her capacities in the service of society. Further, the Deanship also takes care of student behavior inside the University & works on directing the students, remedying their social, psychological, ethical & upbringing problems so that their behavior harmonizes with the longings and aspirations of the community.

This Deanship is also considered as the loyal guard & close follower in regard to the student-behaviour whereas it is the authority assigned the implementation of the Code of Conduct & taking the students to accountability.

The Deanship is made up of a number of competent authorities that work in total harmony. It is headed by the Student Affairs Dean, Dr. Hussain Abdalla Ahmed, who is deputized by Dr. Abdelazeem Mohamed Osman (Akole); the Deanship is divided to many administrations.