Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology

Data Science Research Center (DSRC)


Data science has emerged as one of the most popular fields in the 21st century. Corporations are hiring data scientists to help them gain insights into the market and improve their products.The University of Science and Technology Center for Data Science Research (DSRC) aims to explore ways to manage, process, and analyze data and obtain intelligent predictive information from this data to achieve maximum impact. The center will feature high-performance computing facilities and a state-of-the-art data visualization lab. The center will also enable students, researchers and industry partners to use advanced virtual reality technologies as well as big data processing.The Data Science Research Center (DSRC) will be established at the University of Science and Technology (UST) to include a group of data science scientists in Sudan. It will focus on encouraging theoretical and practical research in business intelligence, learning machine, massive data and data mining. The center will also build capabilities in applying data science methods and tools to a variety of fields such as learning machine, business analysis, artificial intelligence, computer vision, Cyber ​​Security, Social Network Analysis, Biological Computing, Bioinformatics, Precision Medicine, Digital Health, and Natural Language Processing.The Center in Data Science Research will cooperate with companies, organizations, and other research disciplines to help them gain a deeper understanding of their data. Based on the current impact and future projection of data science, the University of Science and Technology (UST) has great potential to contribute to data science research.


Our vision is:“Making the Data Science Research Center at the University of Science and Technology a primary center for data science research in Sudan for both the academic and business sectors.”


3- Message:

The center’s message is:1-Enhance data science research in Sudan through research in basic data science fields.2-Apply data science methods and techniques to a wide range of fields of science, health, business, and engineering by collaborating with experts in these fields.3-Awareness of new generations and building national capacities in data science by promoting study programs for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

4- Objectives:

The center’s objectives are:1- Expanding and deepening high-quality research in the core areas of data science.2- Supporting cooperation between scientists in the basic fields of data science.3- Expanding the capabilities of data scientists for interdisciplinary cooperation.4- Encouraging and supporting cooperation with public institutions and organizations as well as private companies.5- Providing technical support to center members (High performance computing servers, cloud services, etc.).6- Providing teaching support for undergraduate and postgraduate programs in data science and related courses.7- Supporting the funding for building databases for researchers and students.

5- Center Staff:

The current list of center staff is shown below.  Currently, it includes staff from the faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology.  The list might expand to include staff and researchers from different departments from all faculties of the University of Science and Technology (Engineering, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Administrative Sciences and Medical Laboratory Sciences).

No. Title Name Department Research interests related to data science
1 Professor Nour Eldeen Abdel Rahman Nour Eldeen Computer Science Learning Machine
2 Assistant Professor Tagwa Ismail Khalifa Computer Science Data Mining
3 Assistant Professor Abdel Hamid Salih Mohamed Salih Computer Science Digital Image Processing
4 Assistant Professor Dia El-Din Mustafa Ahmed Computer Science Natural Language Processing
5 Assistant Professor Hassan Fadlallah Al-Derdiri Computer Science Learning Machine
6 Lecturer Youssef Haroun Abakar Computer Science Data Mining

7-Future Actions:

The Data Science Research Center at the University of Science and Technology can support organizations on modern data processes, solve problems before they arise, and target customers more effectively. The center will also work with public sector institutions, hospitals and government institutes. More over it is going to work with companies including the commercial as well as engineering companies.The center can also provide researchers from other disciplines with tools and techniques for using advanced computing and data analysis.

8-List of Suggested Procedures: 

In the section we will list the procedures that need to be implemented immediately by the senior management of the Data Science Research Center (DSRC).

8.1 Appointment of Faculty Members: 

The center should assist the various departments in obtaining new, high-qualified faculty members working in data science and related fields. Reason: This procedure was designed to achieve objective #1.

8.2 Installation of Research Laboratories 

The center should build new, highly-equipped research laboratories focusing on specific core areas of data science. Reason: This procedure is designed to achieve all objectives 1, 2, and 3.

8.3 Cooperation with other Interested Parties: 

The Center shall encourage and support cooperation activities such as joint conferences and seminars with government and industry sector. Reason: This procedure was designed to achieve objective no. 4.

8.4 Computer Infrastructure:

The center shall provide modern computing infrastructure for the members of the center. Reason: This procedure was designed to achieve objective no. 5.

8.5 Develop New Courses:

 The center should support the development of new interdisciplinary data science courses targeting students from multiple departments and colleges. Reason: This procedure was designed to achieve objective no. 6.

8.6 Data access: 

The center should support funding for domain-specific databases. Reason: This procedure was designed to achieve objective no. 7

8.7 Public Awareness: 

The Data Science Research Center should organize activities for the general public such as seminars and conferences. Reason: This procedure was designed to achieve objective no. 4.