Our purpose

Our purpose is to improve employability prospects for current students as well as graduates of the uinersity of science and technology.

The uivnersity of science and technology has afirm belief that a student̛s journey does not end when they receive their degree certificatees. For this reason, the university has dedicated and entire department to keep track of their students and graduates.

The aim of the service for current student, is to offer them career guidacne and counselling from the time of enrollment to their graduation.

Once the student has graduated : the service and guidence remain ongoing and the graduate will receive the regular updates of career and scholarship opportunities in their alumni portal .

The  career service also maintains communication with industries and institutions in the privateas well as public sector ot offer opportunities for their students.

Our services:

  • Career counseling for current students ( regarding interests,degrees courses career plans).
  • Career updates for graduates in alumni portal.
  • Extra support for top students.
  • Internship opportunities for current students and graduates.
  • CV workshops
  • Networking events.
  • Career events


Our social responsibility:

Many students in Sudan access higher with aim of the improving their standard of living or that of their families

The career service strives to ensure that graduates are employable,both domestically and abroad.

The university therefore views the career service as a part of the universit̛s social responsibility away of giving back to society and the economy a valuable human resource.