Academic Regulations Admissions system:

 Admission to the University of Science and Technology should be in accordance with the following conditions:- Meet the general admission requirements approved by the National Council for Higher Education and Scientific Research.- Meet any other conditions determined by the university or the faculty.

– Pass a personal test or review as determined by the faculty.

Education System:

The study should be carried out by the semester and annual system or the modified one for each, as required by the nature of the faculty and the possible standardization among the faculties after the approval of the Scientific Council.The Scientific Council approves the study plan that includes each semester or each academic year.

The Awarded Scientific Degrees and Certificates:

 The University hereby grants the following scientific degrees:Bachelor of Honors, Bachelor’s Degree, Diplomas, and Certificates, it also grants postgraduate degrees as permitted by regulations.

Graduation Requirements:

To graduate with a scientific degree from the University of Science and Technology, students must spend:

– At least five years of study to obtain a Bachelor of Honors degree

– At least four years of study for a general bachelor’s degree.

– At least two years to three years to obtain a diploma.

– Not more than one academic year to obtain the certificate.

The faculty determines their graduation requirements after approval by the Scientific Council