Conference of the first graduate student

Committee of the Conference
1. Scientific Committee
1.1 Scientific Committee Members
Prof NoorAldeen  Abdurrahman
DrAbdelhamidSalih Mohammed
DrMajdy Mohammed Eltayeb
1.2Tasks and Responsibilities of the Scientific Committee
The Scientific Committee of the Conference should have the following tasks and responsibilities:-
1.2.1 Scientific organization :

  1. Identify  the themes of the conference –( Scientific topics covered by the conference)
  2. Determination of submission schedules -Review - Inform the authors by scientific review of the papers - Submitting the final version.
  3. Identification of forms of preparing papers and posters
  4. Classification of papers accepted according to their subjects.
  5. Nominating President to the Conference and nominating Presidents to the Sections of the Conference.
  6. Nomination of Key note speakersfor the Conference.
  7. Determination of session time and organization of the conference program (in coordination with the organizing committee)
  8. Logo design for conference and cards
  9. Respond to scientific inquiries of participants
  10. Preparing the conference Proceedings.
      1. Arbitration and Editing:
  11. SelectArbitrators from within and outside the college arespecialists in the  conference topic
  12.  Send papers to the arbitrators and receive their responses
  13. Develop an evaluation form attached with the papers to the arbitrators
  14. Selectingeditors for the preliminary review of the papers before sending them to the arbitrators and verification later of the amendments requested by the arbitrators on the final version
      1. Awards and Certificates
  15. A mini scientific committee is formed to select:
    a- Best scientific research paper
    b- The best scientific survey paper.
  16. And to give certificates at the closing session of the Conference.
  17. Identification of papers for publication in scientific journals and scientific conferences.
  18. Design and award of participation certificates (presentation, organization, etc.)