The University of Science and Technology is considered as a pioneer in the field of modern technological education. Established in March 1995 in the city of Omdurman, and by Allah s will, the good efforts of its leadership, the accuracy of its system it has gradually become a we reputed university; enjoying all the necessary ingredients that make up the ideal university. It has opened doors to all the sons of Sudan with their different classes, ethnic groups and visage. The university has made available all the different tools for attaining modern technological science in different disciplines which are needed to provide the country with the required specialized and well trained cadres who are capable of giving at high standards of performance. Within a short time, the university has become a mine rate for enlightenment spreading scientific, cultural and artistic creativity. This has been achieved by the complete infrastructure, lecture and conference halls, specialized laboratories, and the different research cultural centers. The contribution of the university in these aspects is not limited only to the students, but it has extended to include the different sectors of the community; giving lavishly its fruitful efforts for the well being of this dear country and its people in their endeavors for development, welfare and a bright future.