The Vision :

To be the first academic library in Sudan and the best for Arab and internationally distinguished.

The Library Mission of the University of Science and Technology:

The library is considered as a center of excellence and leadership. It works to disseminate knowledge and culture and provide its services to the academic community inside and outside the university.

The Values:

  •  • Leadership: It means innovation, creativity, excellence, and transparency
  • • Quality: It means improvement and continuous development.

• Beneficiaries are the focus of attention.

• Teamwork.

• Continuous improvement, innovation, and competition in the service of beneficiaries.

• Scientific research is a mean of the development and upgrading of society.-  providing good library services of various types in tandem with the needs and aspirations of beneficiaries


The library’s message is an integral part of the message of the university, which consists of high scientific qualification and preparation for the graduation of qualified cadres. The library is one of the pillars of the educational process entrusted to provide services, offering and possessing different sources, and its objectives are:

• To provide sources of human knowledge to serve the various scientific disciplines at the university.

• To provide automated systems and in accordance with developments in library and information services.

• To provide various information services and facilitating the means of research and retrieval, through the mechanisms that the library possesses.

• To prepare an introductory programs for students and faculty members with the services that the library provide for them, and training on how to use and to get the benefit from the resources of the available information.

• To provide the services of the beneficiaries and respond to requests as soon as possible.

• To create the appropriate climate inside the library for study and research.