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University Infrastructures

The infrastructures of the University of Science & Technology (UST)

The University buildings include 92 lecture halls, 48 laboratories serving the colleges of medical sciences, 34 laboratories  serving the faculties of Engineering, Computer  Sciences & the IT in the western location, in addition to the computer centers & main library on Elshingieti St., the Medical Exhibition & the mortuary that has been built at international specifications in addition to the Dentistry Hospital north of Omdurman. It is considered as one of Omdurman’s landmark.

University environment:

Following the accurate completion of the infrastructures under the supervision of the University’s Administration & the erection of buildings that house  lecture halls & laboratories; following the supply of the factors that help in teaching & the completion of the academic basic foundations of the University that are related to the University faculties, including the colleges  that are yet to be built during the upcoming period, the University Administration has provided & furnished the main digital & traditional libraries & provided their halls equipped with modern machinery & equipment; as for some of the internal aspects of the University, the Administration is also keen on landscaping, making gardens, placing canopies & on structuring cafeterias of good services for students.  Further, the Administration has also been careful to place water coolers in the various parts of the University, not to mention providing such sports facilities as yards for basket ball, volley ball & football in addition to a billiards hall. Large spaces have been provided for theaters to present on them the activities & creativity of students. There are also music halls & artistic creativity.  The University Administration is also careful to prepare the ideal University environment that helps students in getting integrated academic learning & in sponsoring the students’ other creative aspects in various fields of art, culture, sports & others.

Sequence of structures:

The UST has been established with the aim of widening the base of computer sciences & applied science, starting with the IT programs, computer science & computer engineering, later on to become the (electric & electronic engineering) with its four sections (communication, medical engineering, electronic systems in addition to the computer & programming of electronic systems).  Then followed the medical laboratories & medicine. Medical sciences have been " or almost - completed with the dentistry program & pharmacology. Then, according to time sequence, the program of Architectural & Reclamation Engineering was established, which has since become a division of the Faculty of Engineering. Then followed the Administrative Science program. For the close of  link of the University with the society, two years ago, the program of Medium Diploma course was established whereas it was later on named Technological Studies & Society Development. In response to the desired advancement, the Higher Studies & Academic  Development Faculty has been established & so  have such specialized professional centers as Diseased Cells and Tissues Center, Aids Research & Malaria Research, Modern Agricultural Techniques in addition to the Information faculty, English Language Services & Improvement of Faculty Performance, Electronic Learning  & Distance Learning, Population & Development Studies & Studies of Omdurman.

Since its establishment, the University has drawn a clear, strong line of progressing on which it is still walking, fixedly & regularly.

Today, the University is standing tall on 4 integrated complexes located on the strip of the entrance of Uth-thora City, Omdurman, in the north, on the City’s main streets; westward, the University extends on Ushingieti St. & Sharie (street) Un-nus while eastward, the University extends along part of Sharie (street) Ulwadie. The complexes are those of Engineering Sciences, Medical Sciences, Computer  Sciences & the complex of the IT & Administrative Sciences.

Complex of Computer Science & the IT:

This is located to the south of the Engineering Sciences Complex, also on Ushingieti St.  with only a street separating them from each other. Built in the style of 4 stories, this complex includes lecture halls, laboratories, administrative offices, rest-houses & libraries. It includes the Computer Faculty, Information Systems & the IT & Communication. This complex has been built at the most advanced style to match the modern scientific leap & provide the best academic learning environment.

Engineering Science Complex:

Located north of Omdurman Greater Garden, at the entrance of Uth-thora City on Ushingieti St. on a space of 25000sqm, this complex is made up of halls, laboratories & administrative buildings. It is made up of 4 stories & includes the faculties of engineering with its various specialties of engineering, electronic system programming in addition to architectural & reclamation engineering, communication engineering & chemical engineering, medical engineering & engineering of electronic systems & the computer & civil engineering. Added to this is the Computer Center & City of Knowledge which accommodates the most modern digital library & a hall for international conferences. The complex also includes the Deanship of Student Affairs with its various cultural, sports & social secretariats, music & training halls in addition to yards for football, basket ball & volley ball, all of which take interest in developing the capabilities, gift & creativity of the students. Further, in the eastern part of this huge complex there are the Management of Admission, Fees & Card & the mosque of the complex in addition to the gardens & rest-houses of the students, lecturers & administrators.

Medical & Health Sciences Complex:

Built on a space of about 20.000sqm, in a unique, high class engineering style & made up of a number of buildings & stories, this complex includes the faculties of medicine, general surgery & dentistry, medical laboratories & pharmacology in addition to a number of laboratories, study halls & libraries, the medical museum & the mortuary, administrative & rest-houses, workshops & the complex mosque, offices of the University’s presidency & deputies in addition to the halls of conferences & the Charity Specialized Educational Dental Hospital of the UST.

Administrative Science Complex:

Located on a space of 10.000sqm west of the third main street of the entrance of Uth-thora City, namely Wadi Street, this complex is made up of 4 stories including all the departments of the Administrative  Science Faculty represented in accounting, business management & project management, financial management & marketing, hotel & tourism management & management of hospitals in addition to the laboratory, administrative offices & rest-houses, cafeterias, prayer places...etc. The complex  is characterized with a library built in the most modern circular style on many stories of the complex & enjoys both the digital & traditional types of libraries.

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