UST Center for Aids Research

Since the emergence of AIDS as a global health problem more than 30 years ago, scientists have been carrying out research & studies to combat this deadly disease. Scientists have reached satisfying results in understanding this disease & how to deal with it. Finding a potent serum for the virus & an effective cure for it, however, is still a desired goal, the reason why the UST has been motivated to set up the AIDS Research Center to contribute in providing scientific solutions in this field through carrying out scientific research & studies connected with the disease.

“Technology Center for AIDS Research” takes interest in carrying out studies on the  acquired immune deficiency syndrome  (AIDS). The Center seeks to find new solutions to put an end to the AIDS epidemic through carrying out basic research & explorations by way of developing new treatments, serums & other preventive strategies.

Technology Center for AIDS Research (TCAR) seeks to set up a pattern for scientific & academic cooperation to put forth suggested solutions for the greatest challenges related to infectious & deadly diseases & those that are directly connected with AIDS.