UST  Scientific Forum

Within the context of scientific and research development, the university has initiated (Tagana Scientific Forum) which is regularly convened according to a monthly program. During the forum a number of eminent experts and scientists from inside and outside the university present papers with the objective of addressing social and economic development problems. A number of distinguished scientists, professionals and social figures participate in the forum besides the information institutions and decision-taking bodies. The documents and papers of the forum and its scientific resolutions are published and documented by the scientific research section in the different mass media and the electronic press (the university website). The forum discussed, during its sessions last year, a number of important issues and cases such as the challenges facing Sudan s membership in the International Trade Organization and Sudan s role in treating the international food crisis; besides the impact and the reflections of the global economic crisis on the economy of the country. Moreover other important issues were discussed such as communication problems, Sudan and modern administration in the twenty-first century, creative industry, the ideal investment of Arabic gum, strategic planning in the Sudanese universities, female circumcision between religious and scientific timing, and the different types of  influenza (seasonal, bird, and swine flu and so on and so forth.).  The forum therefore represents, through its various research activities, a solid and regular relation with effective authorities in the Sudanese community and in this way aims at treating the important social and economic problems and putting the reports and resolutions of the forum in the service of the decision-taking authorities of the state; besides raising public awareness in issues pertaining to development and services.