Technical Support Unit

A specialized unit comprising a number of qualified personnel in the field of information technology. The following tasks are performed in the technical support unit

• Supervising and monitoring the data entry process in HORIZON system database.

• Maintain system failures, and perform database backup.

• Provide technical support to the library staff.Currently, the digital content system of the University of Science and Technology (D-space) has been installed. A system manages the digital content and provides electronic resources such as books, periodicals, university dissertations, workshops, seminars, etc. Currently, the process of entering on the system and then provide access to the digital repository via the official site of the University of Science and Technology and the horizon system continues to be converted to the Kuhai system – it is a free, open source system that is easily accessible through the university page

Services provided by the library

The library offers the latest print and electronic resources covering academic and cultural disciplines that serve the curriculum and knowledge through a range of services such as:

Reference and Information Service:

Knowledge workers at the library by helping library users to get the benefit of available sources of information such as using the automated index and guiding users on how to search and use references.

Loan Service:

The loan policy aims to identify beneficiaries by loan service and to identify privileges.Information for all beneficiaries and the library is given in the following table: 

Beneficiary Number of books The duration of the secondment Number of renewals
Members of teaching staff 2 7 days 2
Administrators and employees 1 3 days 1
Students 0 0 0


References and groups that are not allowed to be loaned:

• General references, such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, knowledge services and others.

• Special collections, such as rare books, manuscripts, and university dissertations• Audiovisual sets, and CDs.

• Reserved books

• The only version

• Periodicals

Resource Provisioning Service: 

It supports the provision of information resources and the educational and research needs of the educational community at the university by providing paper sheets or electronic copies of the available scientific resources that available in the library or not.

Photography and Photocopying Service:

The library provides printing services from printed or electronic materials according to specific regulations.

Ongoing Briefing Service:

The library reports on the scientific materials that have arrived recently and has been classified and indexed by presenting them in a special place whereas the electronic list of the new books can be found on the university library website.

Selective Broadcast Service:

The library provides this service, which is a selection of information that serves a specific group of beneficiaries which reflecting their interests.