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Publication & Media House

The Media represents the connected link of intersecting duties & responsibilities within the University. The Media has always measured the effect of public opinion in all  its read, audio & video forms & to reflect to the authorities what goes on in higher education in general & in the University in particular. It also reflects to the people outside the University what goes on inside the University regarding the different activities & events. 

The Administration of the Media & Publication is considered as an integrated administration that takes interest in all fields of publication, the Media, printed materials, books, magazines, newspapers & bulletins & others in & out of the University. The Administration of Publishing undertakes the task of issuing cultural & educational publications .

Its most important issues are:

 The Weekly Bulletin (the University)

Weshel Magazine

The monthly newspaper, World of Technology

 The Admin. also carries out supervision on printing the educational magazine. The Admin. includes the Documentation Department that represents a secure warehouse to preserve in facilities enjoying high technologies & accurate, watertight systems all the cultural & academic activities such as welcoming new students, graduation ceremonies & seminars, workshops & forums  & the “Profession Day”, which the colleges & centers have been holding since all past years.

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