1. The celebration of welcoming newly arriving students:

This is an annual celebration customarily held by the Students Deanship whereas the Deanship welcomes the new students, gives them the academic regulations, codes of conduct & acquaints them with the University. The celebration is held in the same way great wedding parties are held & it is addressed by the University President, the Dean & deans of various colleges & departmental heads. Through the celebration, different students’ contributions are presented. The reception party is livened by a number of senior Sudanese artists. The celebration of welcoming the new students goes on for two days at the start of each academic year.

  1. Student creativity contest:

This is an annual contest organized by the Deanship with the purpose of discovering & getting acquainted with the gifted students before placing the gifted in his/her right place. The contest includes (the holy Koran, Prophet Mohamed’s praise, poetry, short story, singing & music, the theatre & fine art)

  1. University Sports League

The sports Admin. organizes the University league in the competitions of football which is a league where all the University colleges compete with the purpose of electing the team of the University, knowing that each college organizes a miniature league of its own under the supervision of the Sports Admin. to elect the team of the University that competes in the University league.