The program of graduate studies at the Faculty of Computer Science organized its first scientific conference for postgraduate students under the slogan “Science Today is the technology of the future”. The conference started with the Quran and then a lecture by Professor Noor Eddin Abdulrahman, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science. Where we started the program of graduate studies in 2008 as the first college to begin university graduate and added Prof Noor Eddin, saying that development has been a constant concern for them, indicating that the idea of ​​the conference was to serve as a nucleus for postgraduate students at the university so they are able to ask The conference begins with a step that reveals that the conference has fifteen scientific papers supervised by only four professors. Therefore, there is a great effort exerted by the faculty as a whole, not in search of quality, but in order to obtain the organizational expertise of the faculty members. To organize such conferences in the future. “

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