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Civil Engineering Dept. (CED) Intends to start Higher Studies Program

The Chairman of the CED, Dr. Selma Yahiya has informed us that new laboratories have been added since the start of this year & said that there are efforts exerted by the CED to start the Program of Higher Studies, particularly since the Program has acquired official recognition by the Sudanese Engineering Council for civil engineering programs.

Dr. Selma confirmed that the facilities were available at the Dept. in regard to teachers, adding that a number of teachers joined the Dept. this year & that the number of students admitted to the Dept. was sufficient (to start the Program).

Dr. Selma praised the University for its keeping up with the developments in the education field & its fulfilment of the Dept.’s necessities that would usually boil down to the modernization & development of the dept. to enable it to carry out its academic duties towards the new & old students.


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