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Medical Laboratory College (MLC) Conducts a Medical Convoy to the State of River Nile (Nehrunniel State)

The MLC has conducted a major medical convoy to the areas of Bannet, Kedebas & Elbouga in the State of Nehrunniel. The convoy was  scheduled to continue during the period from December 17 to the 23rd of the same month accompanied by some doctors & supervisors. The Convoy's program included clinics, medical check-ups & a pharmacy in addition to culturing & awareness programs. In academic supervision, the convoy  was accompanied by Dr. Ms. Rusha Merghenie as an academic supervisor, Ms. Hind Mohamed Salih from the Students' Deanship & Ali Iesa Ahmed & Uddoma Khaliefa from the Guard & Safety Administration.  The Convoy was scheduled to hold 3 integrated treatment days in the said areas.

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