Student Affairs Deanship

In the University of Science & Technology, this is seen as the throbbing heart of the University & the motor of cultural, sports & social activities of the students  of the University. This is because it is the genuine guardian of the students, socially, in sports & health-wise. Compared to other universities’ deanship’s, the Student Affairs Deanship (SAD) of the UST is characterized by being made up of experienced, honorable professors of specialty; within the Deanship, you’ll find professors specialized in psychology, sociology, music & sports, all in the course of preparing the University student, developing & employing his/her capacities in the service of society. Further, the Deanship also takes care of student behavior inside the University & works on directing the students, remedying their social, psychological, ethical & upbringing problems so that their behavior harmonizes with the longings and aspirations of the community.

This Deanship is also considered as the loyal guard & close follower in regard to the student-behaviour whereas it is the authority assigned the implementation of the Code of Conduct & taking the students to accountability.

The Deanship is made up of a number of competent authorities that work in total harmony. It is headed by the Student Affairs Dean, Dr. Hussain Abdalla Ahmed, who is deputized by Dr. Abdelazeem Mohamed Osman (Akole); the Deanship is divided to the following administrations:

First: the Administration of Social Affairs & Psychological Counseling:

As its name indicates, this Administration is concerned with solving the social & psychological problems of the students in addition to their educational guidance inside the University, which are both of the main tasks of guiding the students in the campus. This Administration is also assigned the task of supervising the journeys & scientific & cultural convoys. It includes a number of psychological & social specialists who are:

Professor Laila Sidahmed, lady Melaak Hesebelsresool,  professor Imtithal Sidahmed & professor Amna Hemed Elzailaie.

Secondly, the Cultural Administration:

This Administration is concerned with guarding the students, in a multiplicity of cultural activities including poetry, music, fine art & the theatre. It has a number of professors  & competent people & works with all its components to develop the talents of students before guiding them in the proper scientific way by teaching them music, the theatre & fine arts. Courses of the Media periods & the annual competition of students’ & cultural creativity are held regularly. This Admin. includes a number of veteran professors who are (the Media professor, Hatim Elshiekh, conductor Shemet Mohamed Noor & professor Sirelkhetim Ali Ahmed & professor Hemdi Azheri).

Third: Sports Administration:

This is seen as one of the largest administrations in the University whereas it covers the largest category of students, organizes students’ contests in the various fields of sports, prepares the University’s teams for competition in the groupings of higher education & the different institutes of students & always seeks to establish a solid ground in all activities, such as (football, basketball, volley ball, chess, billiards, table tennis, etc.). This Admin. is headed by the veteran sportsman, Awad Abdalla (the Captain) assisted by Mr. Abdelreoof Mahmood.

Four: Treatment Unit Administration:

This is the health guardian of the University students whereas it presents first aid, endorses medical reports of the students & carries out the procedures of medical checks on students at their acceptance; further, this Admin. takes interest in the University environment & for the great role this Admin. carries out, the University Admin. has been careful to establish a treatment unit in each of the four complexes of the University. This Admin. includes a number of doctors & medical assistants who work during the formal hours of studying.

Fifth: Students’ Dean’s Executive Office:

This is considered as the real connector of the Deanships with each other & with the Dean. This Admin. carries out an important role in the running of documentary courses in the Deanship in & out of the University & in organizing meetings & daily printing works in addition to the general organization of files. It is made up of professors Lady Melaak Hesebelresole – manageress of the Executive Office, Mr. Adnan Mohamed Yousif & lady Nora Hammza  & lady Hind Mohamed Salih.

Formal celebrations held by the Deanship:

  1. The celebration of welcoming newly arriving students:

This is an annual celebration customarily held by the Students Deanship whereas the Deanship welcomes the new students, gives them the academic regulations, codes of conduct & acquaints them with the University. The celebration is held in the same way great wedding parties are held & it is addressed by the University President, the Dean & deans of various colleges & departmental heads. Through the celebration, different students’ contributions are presented. The reception party is livened by a number of senior Sudanese artists. The celebration of welcoming the new students goes on for two days at the start of each academic year.

  1. Student creativity contest:

This is an annual contest organized by the Deanship with the purpose of discovering & getting acquainted with the gifted students before placing the gifted in his/her right place. The contest includes (the holy Koran, Prophet Mohamed’s praise, poetry, short story, singing & music, the theatre & fine art)

  1. University Sports League

The sports Admin. organizes the University league in the competitions of football which is a league where all the University colleges compete with the purpose of electing the team of the University, knowing that each college organizes a miniature league of its own under the supervision of the Sports Admin. to elect the team of the University that competes in the University league.

Supervising the academic cultural weeks of the students:

By a number of professors & competent teachers in the Student Deanship, the Deanship directly supervises the cultural part of such academic weeks as the engineer’s week, science week, the IT week & the week of the administrative sciences) with prior, well & distinguished preparation of the students participating in these weeks.

 Supervising medical convoys & scientific journeys:

The Deanship supervises the annual medical journeys made by the student of the fourth grade of the medical laboratory college to the different states of Sudan. It also supervises the scientific journeys of the last grade of the chemical engineering college to sugar factories, tanneries, water stations & petrol refinery. Further, the Deanship supervises the desert training week of the civil engineering students & the scientific & training leisure journeys abroad.