Faculty of Medicine
General information
Omdurman Thawra Nus Street-
Campus of college of medical sciences (Medicine ” Dentistry ” Pharmacy ” Laboratory)- University of Science & Technology
P.O. ox : 1030 Omdurman- Sudan.
Year of foundation: 1998.
Year of instruction: 1998 (Formerly named program of medicine at college of science and technology up to 2007).
identity, legal status, and affiliations:
Private institution, affiliated to University of science and technology……
owned by Sudanese citizens.
Main teaching language: English.
Other languages of instructions: In clinical practice, Arabic language is used to facilitate communication with patients.
Qualification awarded on graduation: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.
Abbreviation: M.B.B.S.
Academic links: the medical school is academically linked to other related disciplines:
Laboratory sciences.
Medical engineering.

Admission requirements:
Requirements announced by ministry of education for national and foreign students are applied. No internal entry examination is arranged by the medical college at university of science and technology.
A candidate who passes the national secondary school examination or other equivalent examination outside Sudan, and obtains the minimal score required, can compete for a seat at the school of medicine in University of science and technology.
Prerequisites of the admission process in addition to obtaining required score in high secondary school certificate examination are:
 the candidate should successfully pass the following assessment settings:
1. An interview.
2. Medical check up : including physical & psychological assessment.
The medical school:
Admits both Male, and female students
Admits Sudanese, Foreign , and overseas students
Admits graduate candidates from related colleges (pharmacy, dentistry…. .etc) after passing an entry exam.
Has no programe supporting entrance of candidates from special group ,or minority groups to the college.
Arranges no preparatory medical course.
Tuition fees: Students pay tuition fees:
Amount will be displayed at the website of ministry of higher education, together with simultaneous display at the website of the University of Science & Technology.
The academic year:
Usually extends 38 -42 weeks, with average of 40 weeks for each academic year.
Starting time for instruction in first year: not specified (depends on the process of admission, in the ministry of education, and university of science and technology).
Institutional partnership:
No national or international partner, or subordinate educational institution is linked, or affiliated to.
Delivery of the program in other countries:
No arrangements to deliver the program or make it available, in part or whole, in other countries, has been made by the university of science and technology, or other institutions.