(AL-Beerier) Cultural Center

Al-Beerier cultural center is among one of the various entities at the university and is considered as a base of information. The center presented continuous symposiums to reinforce the social and cultural aspects in the Sudan. The center strives to create a healthy atmosphere for the different scientific and intellectual activities by presenting weekly lectures in various topics. A good number of scientists, intellectuals, politicians, professionals, sportsmen, artistic and religious persons address the symposiums. AL-Beerier cultural center therefore represents a free forum that hosts the most eminent intellectuals, cultured and creative characters. The forum attracts the Sudanese and Arab intellectual capabilities. The center has been established with objective of providing a gathering where the elites meet with the public to discuss various intellectual, political, economical, and social issues that attract the citizens and the country; besides some important international issues. The center aims at encouraging and facilitating the diffuse of culture, the exchange of information as it stands as a forum which adopts the urgent causes of the country in different fields. The center represents the link between the university and the Sudanese public; aspiring to achieve the diversity of topics within the context of a system that provides fair chances for handling the selected topics. The topics presented by the center are published in different ways to guarantee the benefits behind them. This is achieved by selecting some topics to be published in AL-Beerier cultural Center Book and the different mass media. The center has therefore become a famous cultural epitome in the Sudanese and Arab circles for the distinguished standard of the lectures presented by the center and its concern with Sudanese heritage and the contemporary intellectual issues which are all handled by eminent intellectuals, cultural figures and professionals from the Sudan and the Arab World.