Digital Content Management and Development Unit

Digital Content Management and Development Unit The unit consists of the following sections: 1. Technical Support Section:This section consists of programmers; the functions of this section are: • Developing, monitoring and providing the website of the university and all the… ReAD More

Information Technology Center

Information Technology Center The Center for Information Technology is established to provide its services in the field of information technology and computer applications. The Center is responsible for the University’s network and information technology in all respects, considering the computerization… ReAD More

UST Staff Development Center

UST Staff Development Center This center has been established in response to the rising needs for upgrading and developing the teaching staff performance and within the context of the philosophy of the university which focuses on the importance of development… ReAD More

UST Malaria Research Center

UST  Malaria Research Center This is one of the centers at the university which caters for scientific research and academic studies to serve the community at large. The main objective of this center is to find effective solutions for the… ReAD More

UST Center for Aids Research

UST Center for Aids Research Since the emergence of AIDS as a global health problem more than 30 years ago, scientists have been carrying out research & studies to combat this deadly disease. Scientists have reached satisfying results in understanding… ReAD More

UST Scientific Forum

UST  Scientific Forum Within the context of scientific and research development, the university has initiated (Tagana Scientific Forum) which is regularly convened according to a monthly program. During the forum a number of eminent experts and scientists from inside and… ReAD More

AL-Beerier Cultural Center

(AL-Beerier) Cultural Center Al-Beerier cultural center is among one of the various entities at the university and is considered as a base of information. The center presented continuous symposiums to reinforce the social and cultural aspects in the Sudan. The… ReAD More