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Academic  Affairs Secretariat

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Academic  Affairs Secretariat

The Academic  Affairs Secretariat works on developing & following up with the academic performance in the colleges, institutes & centers of the University & its other academic units in regard to the appointment, training & promotion of the University faculty members. The Secretariat’s work includes updating the curricular, examination systems, acceptance & enrollment, which are all carried out through coordinating with the colleges & centers.

Goals of the Academic  Affairs Secretariat

1.      Enhancing the mechanisms within the Secretariat

2.      The ideal exploitation of  the University’s absorptive capacity, presenting all services to the students & University community by the easiest means through  modern technologies coupled with achieving the largest amount of  smoothness & flexibility in all procedures of joining & enrollment, all through modern technological means.

3.     Attaining the trust of people & competent relative authorities who deal with the Secretariat in all administrative & administrative operations

4.     To make sure of the classification of regulations, systems, instructions & decisions related to the organization of the academic issue with the goal of providing quality ideal & performance.

5.     To support the operations of continuous academic development through guiding the operators of curricular design, implementing the educational plans, coordinating the examination activities & results in addition to choosing & training of teaching assistants & carrying out the necessary promotions of faculty members

Tasks of the Academic  Affairs Secretariat:

1.      Supervising the works of the Scientific Council & its academic committees, following up with & implementing the decisions issued by the same Council & preserving the relevant information & records. 

2.      Supervising the acceptance & enrollment of new students, carrying out the procedures of accepting the students after the first year, including transfer, bridging & acceptance of mature students; preserving the students’ registers in an organized manner, in paper or electronically; extracting labels for University students & being acquainted with the academic track of students  in addition to motivating outstanding students. The tasks also include carrying out the duties of institutional relationship with the General Administration of the Ministry of Education, duly endorsing the registration of new Sudanese & foreign students  & extraction of the University ID (tasks of the University Acceptance Office)

3.      To supervise the academic digital content, computerize the phase & final result & to coordinate the graduates’ results with the College Registrar in digital & paper form & content required by the Ministry of Higher Education.

4.      Extraction of cartoon certificates & reports, making sure of the authenticity of Diploma, & High Education certificates by auditing & revising & signing on the certificates before preserving their relative records.

5.      Following up with the policies & decisions of the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research in regard to the academic aspect.

6.      Following up with the educational evaluation in all colleges

7.      Setting up the University Guide & participating in scientific publications of  magazines & other publications.

8.      Setting up & organizing the possibilities of annual graduation, strengthening the relations with University graduates & monitoring the graduates’ post-graduation scientific & career tracks.

9.      To supervise, in cooperation with the College of Higher Studies & Academic Development, teaching assistants & faculty members in & out of Sudan.

10. Setting up & supervising the procedures related to the promotion of the faculty members.

Values & ethics of the Academic  Affairs Secretariat:

1.      Being fair in dealing with service receivers without discrimination on the bases of sex or educational/social level in accordance with our religion & commitment to ethics of the profession

2.      Transparency & clearness with the student or service receiver regarding his/her rights & obligations in a way that assures a stable academic life for them

3.      Adoption of modern technology in all administrative & academic work.


Suggestions of the Academic  Affairs Secretariat

1.      Acceptance & enrolment office “first year”

2.      Office of the examinations, results & certificates

3.      Office of the Scientific council & academic committees

4.      Acceptance Office after the first year “transfer, bridging & acceptance of mature students” in addition to verification of the university ID”

5.      Office of registering deportees, freezing, resignations, student cases & competent authorities.

6.      Graduates’ Affairs Office

7.      Scientific Relations Office

8.      Office of Statistics, Information & Training

9.      Administrative Services Office

10. Office of Self-Evaluation & quality under the umbrella & support of the University Presidency.

Academic Affairs Secretariat

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