Responsibilities of the Scientific Council

The scientific council is concerned with the following:

• Accreditation of curricula and study plans provided by the faculty, institutes and centers

.• Approval of exam results.• Granting scientific degrees, awards and honorary degrees.

• Encouraging scientific research, authoring and publishing.

• Approval of external examiners nominated by faculties.

• Approval of scientific regulations and activity regulations, students’ behavior, and accountability.

• Determine the number of students that annually accepted at the university and distribute them to faculty in accordance with the national plans and short-term programs of the University

• Recommend to the Board of Trustees to establish and organize new faculties, institutes, centers, sections and the new academic programs.

• Proposing admission requirements in colleges, schools, institutes and centers according to the Council’s regulations

• Recommend to the Board of Trustees the terms of appointment and promotion of faculty members.

• Any other scientific specialties.