UST Staff Development Center

This center has been established in response to the rising needs for upgrading and
developing the teaching staff performance and within the context of the philosophy of the university which focuses on the importance of development according to the requirements of the current era. The center aims at promoting the necessary skills of the teaching staff members to enable them take an active role in the educational process. The center promotes the teaching staff members skills in methodology, scientific research and utilizing modern technology. This in turn is reflected on the students academic attainment and thus makes them acquire the necessary skills and tools required for good performance in their different fields of specialization in the future. This is achieved by organizing different various activities supervised by experts in the relevant fields of study. In this respect the center organizes regular courses, workshops and seminars in topics pertaining to teaching such as the methodology of teaching, curriculum development, teaching aids, examinations, computer applications and the use of the internet. In the field of scientific research the center also organizes courses, training sessions and workshops in research methodology, publications, using the computer in scientific research; besides preparing and supervising projects and carrying out statistical analysis for scientific research purposes. Objectives: – Develop the teaching staff capabilities by promoting technical, administrative and academic skills which will in turn help in upgrading the teaching staff performance. – Promote teaching methods at the university as a whole to keep pace with modern teaching methods. – Provide technical, scientific and educational consultancy to the different faculties and sections. – Organize symposiums and courses in curriculum development, methodology of teaching, and educational technology. – Consolidate and strengthen the use of technology in the field of education. – Foster teaching and learning communication skills. – Assess the quality of educational performance.